DAVE: oh those

DAVE: yeah theyre pretty good

DAVE: not much to say on that front

DAVE: except sometimes your best friend disappears and your other best friend goes into a ghost coma and your third best friend fucks off to space with your dad

DAVE: the dude youve spent the last 7 years convincing yourself isnt an egomaniacal anime villain

DAVE: and who isnt actually lying in wait to completely decimate your life and your emotions and shit

DAVE: anyway i forgot what my point was but yeah im fine

DAVE: though what the fuck does that even mean anymore for any of us

DAVE: maybe it was naive to think that a bunch of twenty something trauma victims could run a society

DAVE: maybe this is better

DAVE: at least this way we cant fuck it up worse

DAVE: cool how earth c existed for centuries then we show up and manage to ruin society in seven fucking years

DAVE: maybe dirk actually did the smartest thing he could

DAVE: fucking left

KANAYA: Perhaps

KANAYA: But He Did Leave Arguably The Two Worst Possible People In Charge When He Did

DAVE: man i guess

DAVE: but who knows maybe jane will turn out to be a great president

DAVE: maybe without dirks corrupting influence jakes ass will become a symbol of peace and interspecies harmony

DAVE: at least everyone can agree on something

DAVE: shit how does this always happen

DAVE: every serious conversation i have inevitably falls apart into riffing on a casual acquaintances ass

KANAYA: Not To Suggest Anything Untoward

KANAYA: But You Appear To Be The Unifying Component In All Of These Scenarios

DAVE: could be

DAVE: but all that aside i really do think were better off out here

DAVE: at least i am