DIRK: Sup.

ROSE: I thought you had to punch the cards to use them in the shunt slots.

ROSE: I recall devising a sequence of analogies for the process in my walkthrough, once upon a time.

ROSE: Hardly my best work, but the principles were sound.

DIRK: No, you're right.

ROSE: I was being politely self-effacing, Dirk. You didn't have to agree with me.

DIRK: About the holes in the cards, I mean.

DIRK: I'm not really sure why we don't have to do that any more.

DIRK: I think this machine... punches the cards with the correct pattern once you put them in?

DIRK: Although the implication is that it somehow reads what is on the card, in order to punch it with the holes which enable it to read that same information.

ROSE: That sounds like an appropriate degree of profound ridiculousness.

ROSE: I love it.

DIRK: Yeah.

DIRK: I'm a bit surprised you remember anything about this shit.

DIRK: Even though we can't technically forget anything any more.

ROSE: Me too.

ROSE: It's amazing what pieces of inconsequential information your mind can recall at a moment's notice, a whole decade after they were last relevant or interesting to anyone.

ROSE: ...

ROSE: I think I missed this.