JADE: ...what is that supposed to mean?

moving from lover to lover, job to job, interest to interest. over the last few years jade had found herself listless, unable to settle and unwilling to commit to anything or anyone. she knows there's nothing wrong with that on a moral level, but on a personal level she's always believed that she could be more, could do better. be better. and now, because of this, she realizes that sacrifices must be made.

and that she, as a space player, is uniquely built for sacrifice.

JADE: yeah

JADE: i guess youre right

JADE: i have been such a silly little slut!

JADE: hey callie

yes, jade?

JADE: oh my god, whats that!!!!

she points off into the darkness. it's nothing, of course. there is nothing here besides the two of us. this space is utterly under my control. jade could control it too, if she had any access to her own powers. but with my grip around her cortex, there is no chance of that.

i know there is nothing behind me. she is being silly. but i'm not dirk strider. i don't mind indulging the whims of silly girls, if it makes them feel better about their situations. there is nothing wrong with humoring.