and here i make my first mistake.

up until this point, i have counted on my superior narrative power and class strength to keep her under control, but bringing her into a place where we can both physically manifest has left me, foolishly, vulnerable. when you are dealing with an epically powerful space player and former borderline omnipotent being, you forget that even with her powers stripped, she is still quite a formidable physical force. a young woman in the prime of her life, with a canine's instincts and the fierce desire to sink her teeth into something she can tear apart.

and right now that something happens to be me.

her fingers tear at my throat, trying to find purchase. she won't be able to kill me here, but it is certainly unpleasant, and not to mention slightly repetitive. we just saw this in the previous chapter, although this particular fight will not end as amorously as the last one did. so don't get your hopes up.

JADE: who!

JADE: are you talking to!