the results were mixed. as roxy told us in a previous chapter, alchemized food all sort of tastes the same, although the visuals really help to bring about the flavor. and at the end of the day, isn't it the journey that is more important than the destination? the stories you tell as you create the strangely flavored nutritional paste?

JADE: ????????????

so far, everyone's favorite attempt has been a vaguely peanut-butter and chocolate flavored creation called "Rices'". nobody eats them really. they just sit in a bowl on the counter.

i'm not actually sure what the witch is trying to accomplish here.

JADE: you dont?

JADE: really?

i don't know what she is trying to accomplish, because surely she would not be doing what it appears she is trying to do. making such a meaningless threat.

JADE: meaningless?

JADE: do you even know anything about the body you stole?

JADE: shouldnt you have run some sort of psychic physical before you possessed it?

JADE: its definitely what i would have done!