VRISKA: Ok, she's gone.

VRISKA: I'll take out the side window with this rock, clim8 in, and then let you two in the 8ack door.

VRISKA: It's go time!!!!!!!!!

VRISSY: Love the Enthusiasm 8ut hold on a goddamn minute.

VRISSY: No Need to 8reak my 8oyfriend's window, I have a key, duh.

TAVROS: You have a key to Harry Anderson's?

VRISSY: Is now really the time to get jealous, Tav?

TAVROS: I'm not jealous,, it's only that I'd have given you one to mine,,, if you wanted.

VRISSY: There's a Reason we don't make out at your house Tavros, and it's 8ecause the vi8es are a8solutely fucking rancid in there, thanks to your mom.

VRISSY: Anyway, that's like a thousand miles past the Point, here!!

VRISKA: Yeah who cares, let's MOVE!