JANE: Good gravy... Even my former BFFsie's home has become a pit of vipers.

JANE: Oh, Jake. Are you the only loyal one left? :'B

JAKE: Um......................

DIRK: This is just delicious.

DIRK: Your sorry ass is serving my ailing soul three michelin stars' worth of irony right now, English.

DIRK: I'm slurping this shit up like it's a piping hot bowl of udon.

DIRK: Itadakimasu.


JAKE: Look here, janey...

JAKE: Things might seem a bit maudlin right now but im sure theres some explanation for all the chicanery afoot!

JAKE: Wouldnt it be good to drop them a wire, pull a few strings and set up a good old chinwag, so we can all hash it out like a cosy cabal of bosom pals???

JANE: Jake, you're sweet. Foolish, empty-headed, deluded by hope, a slave to your instincts... but sweet.

JANE: Now is not the time for sweet.

DIRK: Said the former baking empress.

JAKE: But...

JAKE: Jeepers janey, the way you make it sound. You couldnt possibly mean...?

JANE: Oh, but I do.

JANE: It's time I gave the rebellion their just deserts.

JAKE: B.. but i thought you said that now wasnt the time for sw-

JANE: It's an expression, Jake.

JANE: Here's another:

JANE: "An eye for an eye."

JANE: Once we have rescued our son from their clutches, I'm going to take something of my own; something as valuable to the rebellion as Tavvy is to me.

JANE: Two can play at the hostage game. That loathsome daughter of theirs should fit the bill nicely.

JANE: Then those naughty rebels will cease this unruly tantrum, and do what they are told.

JAKE: (Gulp.)