JOHN: can you see out of the window?

HARRY: yeah, i'm looking right now. the place is heaving with reporters.

JOHN: i thought so. the press didn't take long to come to the same conclusion i did. you're on the news already.

JOHN: and it's the same story here. people with cameras are crawling all over the yard.

JOHN: which means jane's secret police are there too. the drones won't be far behind.

HARRY: oh fuck.

HARRY: sorry, i mean. oh... farts.

JOHN: harry anderson egbert.

JOHN: the word "fuck" was invented for moments like this.

HARRY: haha?

JOHN: but anyway, you need to get out of there, fast.

JOHN: try to create some kind of distraction or something, and then head for the bell tower.

HARRY: you mean the one they hang the dirk strider memorial effigy from every year?

JOHN: yes, that's the place.

JOHN: i'll meet you guys up there.

HARRY: um,

HARRY: ok dad.

JOHN: oh, and harry?

JOHN: just some small pieces of advice.

JOHN: some guidelines that any budding prankster or newly fledged fugitive should know.

JOHN: don't panic,

JOHN: don't make a scene,

JOHN: and whatever you do...

JOHN: don't get caught!!