ROSE: Jade!

KANAYA: Oh Thank God

ROSE: We weren't expecting you to get back so soon.

KANAYA: What Is Going On Down There

ROSE: What happened to the rest of your scouting party?

KANAYA: What Is Another VRISKA Doing Here

ROSE: Where is John?

KANAYA: Where Is Dave

ROSE: Where is our *daughter*?!

KANAYA: (Rose I Think We Must Try To Remain Calm And Give Jade A Chance To Answer Our Queries Difficult Though It May Be In This Moment Of Intolerable Anguish And Suspense)

ROSE: I... yes, of course.

KANAYA: Jade It Is Okay

JADE: its........

JADE: *sniffle*

KANAYA: Please Take Your Time

JADE: we dont HAVE any time!!!

JADE: its too late!!!!!!

JADE: janes forces were just too fast...


ROSE: You don't mean...

JADE: theyve taken her