JOHN: you made it!

JOHN: i knew you had it in you.

HARRY: aw, thanks d-

VRISKA: Of course we made it, John.

VRISKA: It was a walk in the park!

VRISKA: I had some of my 8est moves planned out, gave them the speech of a fucking lifetime, and then they all just ran away without even TRYING to fight 8ack properly!

VRISKA: Frankly, I'm a little insulted 8y just how easy it was.

VRISKA: 8ut you must have known it would 8e a piece of gru8cake.

VRISKA: After all, we had me there.

JOHN: haha, oh vriska.

JOHN: it's nice that you're basically the same exact person you always have been.

VRISKA: You're welcome.

JOHN: honestly i'm still a little bewildered by your being here?

JOHN: but guess i'm happy to see you anyway.

JOHN: especially in a context that doesn't involve any amount of kissing a clOUCH!

VRISKA: (Not right now, you fuckhead!!!!!!!!)

JOHN: (oh, crap.)

JOHN: (sorry.)

JOHN: um, anyway.

JOHN: thanks for helping out, i guess?

JOHN: i can take it from here though.

VRISKA: 8e my guest!

JOHN: okay.

VRISKA: ::::)

JOHN: ...

JOHN: um... if you don't mind, vriska?


JOHN: i'd like to talk to my son please.


VRISKA: Right.


VRISKA: Don't let me get in your way!

VRISKA: I'll just 8e over here, 8asking in the knowledge of a jo8 well done and plotting acts of violence.

JOHN: haha, thanks.

VRISKA: (Mutter) (mutter) limping to a respecta8le distance (mutter) (mutter) right this second (mutter) (mutter).

VRISKA: (Mum8le) (mum8le) h8 to 8leed all over your touching reunion (mum8le) (mum8le).

JOHN: sorry about that harry anderson.

JOHN: where were we.

JOHN: oh, right, your escape!

JOHN: i guess i already said, but i knew you had it in you.

HARRY: yeah, i guess so...

JOHN: i realize that it was a lot to handle though.

HARRY: you can say that again.

JOHN: it wasn't until after i hung up that i even remembered that i never gave you that strife specibus for your birthday!

HARRY: oh, it's ok... vriska had a spare.

HARRY: i put my sewing scissors on it.

HARRY: it was all i really had at the time.

JOHN: haha, that sounds familiar.

JOHN: i kind of stumbled ass backwards into getting stuck with my first hammer. but after a while, i couldn't imagine having picked anything else.

JOHN: i'm sure you'll do some amazing things with it. you already did, in fact!

JOHN: i'm sure jane is feeling really butt hurt about things this very minute.

JOHN: the prankster's gambit is tipped back in our favor, that's for sure.

HARRY: haha, yeah...

HARRY: if it's alright dad,

HARRY: i don't... really wanna talk about it all that much right now?

HARRY: you're right, it was kind of a lot to go through.

JOHN: that's okay!

JOHN: we don't have to talk about that if you don't want.

JOHN: honestly, who cares about strife specibi or the pranksters gambit or whatever.

JOHN: that's not what's important.

JOHN: i'm just glad to know that you're safe.

HARRY: ...

HARRY: dad?

JOHN: yes son.

HARRY: can i ask you a question?

JOHN: anything son.

HARRY: ok, cool.

HARRY: so...

HARRY: how come you're wearing that... thing?

JOHN: thing?

HARRY: you know.

HARRY: the windsock.

HARRY: i thought it was busy getting eaten by moths in a museum or something.

HARRY: please don't tell me you broke in there just to get it back.

JOHN: oh!

JOHN: oh haha, the god tier outfit.

JOHN: don't worry, i can just sort of manifest this whenever i want.

JOHN: although now that you mention it, the guys at the museum will probably be wondering where it went.

JOHN: or... maybe it's still there? to be honest, i have no idea whether this is the same outfit.

JOHN: i don't think it follows the same laws of physics and stuff that normal clothing does?

JOHN: they are just your basic magic pajamas at the end of the day.

HARRY: and it didn't occur to you to, y'know, magic them any bigger?

HARRY: you just look like, well, a grown adult wearing clothes for a kid.

HARRY: it's kind of embarrassing to look at...

JOHN: blargh, you're right.

JOHN: i admit, i didn't give it a whole lot of thought.

JOHN: it just felt like the right thing to put on at the time.

HARRY: i'm pretty sure no such time has ever existed.

JOHN: i don't BELIEVE this.

JOHN: what have i EVER done to deserve such cruelty from my own son.

HARRY: lmao.

JOHN: hehe.

JOHN: i guess you're right, though.

JOHN: this old thing is pretty uncomfortable in a lot of ways.

JOHN: hm...

JOHN: when we get a moment, maybe the two of us could brainstorm a redesign?

JOHN: no pressure though.

HARRY: !!!

JOHN: have a think about it, anyway.

JOHN: in the meantime, i need to go have a quick word with the other vriska.

VRISSY: Vrissy.

JOHN: oh.

JOHN: right.

JOHN: vrissy, sorry.

JOHN: hello there.

JOHN: i guess you were listening to all that?

VRISSY: Not really.

VRISSY: I just have a sense of hearing that's Particularly 8ttuned to the sound of Other People t8lking a8out me.

VRISSY: Or... well, I did until Recently.

JOHN: haha, i bet it's been a bit strange having the original vriska around.

JOHN: i will say that it is very confusing having both of you in the same place at once!

JOHN: oh man...

JOHN: now that i think about it...

HARRY: (dad...)

JOHN: this feels like the perfect conditions for some identical twin type shenanigans.

JOHN: like in the parent trap or something!

JOHN: i'm not sure how either of you would feel about being played by lindsay lohan though.

HARRY: (oh my goddddddd kill me now)

JOHN: but anyway, vrissy.

JOHN: your moms called me a while ago. they sounded very worried that you weren't answering your phone.

VRISSY: O8viously.

VRISSY: I was 8usy!

JOHN: well, anyway, they're on their way here. jade is coming too.

JOHN: they should arrive any minute.

VRISSY: Oh you're kidding.

TAVROS: (H, here they come now,,,)

TAVROS: (I can see them,,, over there,,,)

VRISSY: Uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh.