KANAYA: Do Not Mind Me John

KANAYA: I Am Simply Making Quite Sure That My Daughter Over Here Is Alright And Not Causing Any More Trouble Than I Am Certain She Already Has

VRISSY: (Hissssssss)

KANAYA: And Not The Good Kind Of Trouble Which Involves Acts Of Misbehavior Towards Figures And Structures Of Immense Corruption Or Maleficence

KANAYA: Such As The Kind Of Trouble We Are In Presently And Will Continue To Be In While Our Cause Remains True

KANAYA: Meanwhile I Trust My Wife Whom I Love Utterly To Make Known To You Everything That Is Happening At The Present Moment

KANAYA: Without Tactical Omission

KANAYA: In A Manner That Is Comprehensive

KANAYA: And Unexpurgated

JOHN: haha?

ROSE: ...

JOHN: um, alright then!

JOHN: so...

JOHN: what's up rose?

ROSE: That does seem to be the question, doesn't it.

ROSE: The situation is... difficult to describe.

JOHN: aw, i'm sure it's not all that bad.

JOHN: i mean, sure, i guess we are in a bit of a complicated mess.

JOHN: especially ever since vriska showed up, killed gamzee, and declared herself and the rest of us terrorists or something?

VRISKA: (You're welcome.)

JOHN: but it's nothing we shouldn't be able to think our way out of, now that we're all together!

JOHN: right?

JADE: john