JANE: (Okay, poetry is out.)

JANE: (What else?)

JANE: (Hrm...)

JANE: (I've always been pretty good at crying on cue.)

JANE: (Could I try staging an emotional breakdown?)

JANE: (That could work; playing to people's humanity.)

JANE: (Or whatever is the more inclusive term.)

JANE: (It could work.)

JANE: (One really good and calculated weep could do it, I think.)

JANE: (But then there's the danger that I might get carried away and do it for real.)

JANE: (And I can't risk that.)

JANE: (No... no, I'll have to stick to an ordinary eulogy.)

JANE: (As ordinary as it can be, under the circumstances.)

JANE: (Alright, let's see.)

JANE: (What can I say about him that will stir up their emotions?)

JANE: (Do I mention the stuff about the milk?)

JANE: (Think Crocker, think.)

JAKE: Ahoy over there!