JAKE: Er... how goes the eulogizing, dear?

JANE: In a word: awfully.


JANE: It turns out that it's mighty difficult to find touching things to say about a person, the relationship with whom was predicated on deep-seated mutual loathing.

JANE: I imagine this is one of the reasons no funerary tradition was ever established on Alternia, besides the barbarism of their culture.

DIRK: Jesus christ.

JANE: Not only did a significant proportion of their interpersonality depend on romance in the form of hatred, but it was a society based on cruelty and violence.

JANE: What reason could they have had to provide for the dead?

JANE: What kind of last rites could they have even imagined?

JAKE: Um...

JAKE: Could i have that once more, sans the raci--

JAKE: I mean,

JAKE: In laymans terms?

JANE: Sigh.

JANE: Jake,

JANE: I can't think of anything good to write about him because deep down, I hated his guts.

JANE: But he was and is beloved of the multitude, so I have to think of something regardless.

JAKE: Im not sure i understand.

JANE: Don't worry your pretty little head about it.

JANE: This is politics, Jakey.

JANE: Lying through your two front teeth about people you hate is about as good a definition as it's possible to get.

JANE: But, by gum, is it tiring work.

JANE: Work to which I need to return this instant.

JANE: The funeral is tomorrow, after all.

JAKE: Right you are.

JAKE: ...

JAKE: I um... brought you some coffee?

JAKE: Ill just... put it down... here...

JAKE: ...

DIRK: Dude, the bowl.


JAKE: Oh, right.

JANE: What is it now, Jake.

JAKE: I brought something for our guest as well.

JANE: You mean the prisoner.

JAKE: Y...es.