DIRK: Bon appetit.

DIRK: Seriously dude?

JAKE: (What? Did i pronounce it wrong?)

DIRK: Jake.

DIRK: You put the food in a fucking dog bowl.

JAKE: (It was all there was, ok???)

JAKE: (I feel awful enough as it is without you getting on my case about it.)

DIRK: All I'm saying is that this is full-blown, bona fide evil minion behavior you're getting up to.

JAKE: (Well whose confounded idea was it for me to come back in the first place, brain ghost dirk?)

JAKE: (So far ive yet to see anything come of that brilliant plan of yours.)

JAKE: (Are you sure sending that message to the others was enough?)

DIRK: Patience, Jake.

DIRK: Rome didn't fall in a day.

DIRK: Besides, are we really going to hash this out now, in front of dear, sweet Yiffany?

JAKE: (No, i guess youre right.)

JANE: What are you mumbling about over there?

JAKE: Ah, nothing dearest!

DIRK: "Dearest."

JAKE: (Oh shut up!!!)

JANE: If you're finished, I'd appreciate being left to my work.

JAKE: ... Of course, dearest.

JAKE: Good night.