Moments like these are not rare, and serve a valuable function to the story. They are able to show a passage of time with the bulk of the emotional labor of a lengthy bonding process happening off screen. How did we get here? What have they been through? These questions are often better left open to individual interpretation and can give the one interpreting a sense of ownership of the story.

JADE: As a point of curiosity-

ARADIA: oh shit!!!!

The dead Cherub possessing the body of an equally deceased Goddess of Space pauses at the interruption. Were she to voice her opinion, it would be that --actually-- it is not unusual for those whose primary concern is The Grander Scheme to have a passing curiosity about the insignificant. So when one really thinks about it, any annoyance with the attendant's small mindedness is both understandable and warranted.


JADE: as a point of order, you never answered dave's question.

ARADIA: which one he is very chatty

JADE: you experience time in a way that is woefully unfamiliar to me and it has... piqued my curiosity enough to learn more.


DAVEBOT: shes asking how old you are

ARADIA: in this form our bodies stop aging once we reach maturity i think

ARADIA: the god tier keeps our physical form locked in a state of undying

ARADIA: even in death the bodies do not decay

ARADIA: only lay dormant

DAVEBOT: no thats boring

DAVEBOT: like how long have you been alive

JADE: yes, that one.

The Knight, though at times purposefully obtuse, is sharp and observant. This can sometimes offer a refreshing balance to the usual layers of pretense.

ARADIA: oh maybe a few hundred years or so


JADE: what?

ARADIA: well if i had known you were going to be so judgy about it

DAVEBOT: when did this happen

ARADIA: oh i spent some time in other doomed realities and timelines and came back before anybody could tell i was gone

DAVEBOT: oh just out for a bit of fun then

DAVEBOT: just hopped on over to a different reality

DAVEBOT: real casual like

DAVEBOT: oh hello dont mind me just popping in to see if it really is as doomed as they say it is

DAVEBOT: did not disappoint

ARADIA: yes almost exactly like that :)

DAVEBOT: who did you hang out with are they cooler than me

ARADIA: it is complicated to explain

DAVEBOT: oh ok nevermind then

DAVEBOT: all clear

DAVEBOT: a whole alternate universe ripe with the coolest motherfuckers imaginable

ARADIA: you were there too i threw your air conditioner into the sun

DAVEBOT: wow thats fucked up

DAVEBOT: thats not where that goes at all

JADE: these events are not-canonical.

ARADIA: rude

DAVEBOT: i think what the ghost possessing a corpse of my ex is trying to say

DAVEBOT: and correct me if im fucking wrong

DAVEBOT: which for the record im not

DAVEBOT: is that the trope of being hundreds of years old but looking young forever patently sucks ass

DAVEBOT: a plot device an asshole would write


JADE: that is not what i am trying to say at all.

DAVEBOT: hmm wow yeah thatd really be a sort of pot/kettle situation i guess

DAVEBOT: i cant believe im the only woke one here

DAVEBOT: its hard being such a visionary AND such a fine metallic specimen

DAVEBOT: but im an altruist first and fucking foremost

ARADIA: so selfless

JADE: yes, the greater narrative is truly blessed by your beneficent presence.

DAVEBOT: oh so you got jokes now huh

JADE: i have always had the 'jokes' of which you speak, but i have heretofore exercised restraint in laying you low.

JADE: i possess knowledge of many of your iterations, as the scope of my powers allows me to exist in several <span class="calliope-dead-story type-rg type-sm--md">narrative structures</span> at once.

DAVEBOT: but can she see why kids love the sweet cinnamon taste of cinnamon toast crunch

JADE: i do not know, or care, what that means.

ARADIA: neither do i :)

JADE: its cultural significance to you as an earthling is wasted on the two of us entirely, as we have not conflated the misguided notion of clinging to nostalgic cereal advertisement trivia with socially relevant conversation.

JADE: one could say that your reference is lost to

ARADIA: .....

JADE: ......

ARADIA: .......