Dirk: Get this show on the road.

ROSEBOT: Tidying all finished?

DIRK: In a manner of speaking.

DIRK: I've given Terezi the all clear.

DIRK: Or, I guess just kinda pissed her off enough to kick this whole thing off once and for all.



ROSEBOT: So, I guess today is finally the day everything's been heading towards.

DIRK: You could put it like that, yeah.

DIRK: At least, we're aiming to frame it that way.

DIRK: Our actions from this point on will form part of a crucial inner mechanism, tucked away behind the tightly sealed metallic service hatch of reality.

DIRK: One which will be of our own creation, but which by all practical considerations might as well have always been there.

DIRK: And if we're successful, the distinction won't be significant enough to matter to just about anybody.

DIRK: They'll be too busy getting their mind's dicks collectively blown.

ROSEBOT: Would you say that we're imploring people to "suck on this"?

DIRK: Oh absolutely. Get the hand-illuminated invitations ready on the fucking double.

ROSEBOT: Hilarious fellatioid imagery notwithstanding, there's something about today that feels...

DIRK: Exciting?

DIRK: I can understand that. We've been waiting a long time.

ROSEBOT: I was going to say "portentous".

ROSEBOT: With both the positive and negative connotations that word usually has.

DIRK: You've got misgivings, then.

ROSEBOT: I wouldn't even go so far as to call it that.

ROSEBOT: What I'm feeling is hard to explain to someone whose being is not inextricably linked with the very concept of fortune.

ROSEBOT: The sensation probably doesn't even have a name, come to think of it.

ROSEBOT: Not too many people have ever been in our position before.

DIRK: Just about none, I'd bet.


ROSEBOT: But if I had to describe it, I'd say that misgivings, hunches, doubts and so on are supported on a foundation of un-knowing.

ROSEBOT: And along with that absence of knowledge comes a commensurate feeling of dread or worry. Fear about the potential calamity yet to come.

ROSEBOT: On the other hand, while feelings of positive anticipation also tend to stem from a lack of certainty about the future,

ROSEBOT: The presumption of good fortune allows the uncertainty to become excitement.

ROSEBOT: It's the glee of a child who knows not what the gift contains, but can evaluate from prior experience that it's likely to be something good.

DIRK: Can't empathize.

ROSEBOT: Dirk, you are tragically capable of sucking all joy and convivial sentiment out of basically every situation you find yourself in.

DIRK: Thanks.

DIRK: Anyway, this feeling you were talking about. I take it that we're not dealing with either giddy enthusiasm or paranoid foreboding, then.

ROSEBOT: No. My point is that the present moment feels like neither of those two cases.

ROSEBOT: But crucially, it's not because there is nothing to anticipate. Far from it.

ROSEBOT: Instead, it feels like the very notion of fortune is simply out of the question as a means of describing the potential outcome.

ROSEBOT: As though in this moment, luck isn't either strictly real or not real, or somewhere inbetween, but absent of meaning completely.

ROSEBOT: Luck took one look at our itinerary from here on out and said you'll just have to go on without me.

DIRK: Luck rolled over the other side of the dictionary and said not tonight sweetheart, I've got a wicked fuckin' headache.

ROSEBOT: Exactly.

ROSEBOT: Except now I'm the one with the migraine.