DIRK: What's that noise I'm hearing.

DIRK: It sounds a little bit like a cat being caught in a ventilation fan. A sort of...

DIRK: Inhuman screeching, combined with the grinding of metal.

DIRK: Are we even going to make it to the ground?

ROSEBOT: Oh, no,

ROSEBOT: The ship's fine as far as I can tell.

ROSEBOT: That's just Terezi laughing.


DIRK: She's... enjoying this, isn't she.

ROSEBOT: I suppose so.



DIRK: What?

ROSEBOT: The mood is kind of infectious actually.

ROSEBOT: I suppose it's about time we had a little fun around here.

DIRK: Glad to hear it.

DIRK: ...

DIRK: Rose?

ROSEBOT: Yes Dirk.

DIRK: ...

DIRK: How do you feel about games?