DIRK: Dude, didn't you lower the voltage on that shock collar?

DIRK: Little Red isn't looking so hot.

JAKE: Yes of course i did but the damn doohickys got the kick of a donkey!

JAKE: I couldnt remove it completely shed know i was the one who did it!

DIRK: Well, if that supervillain cuntwaffle doesn't stop, she's going to kill her. Not really the best at hostage management, is she.

JAKE: Hey!

JAKE: Don't call my wife a cuntwaffle!

JAKE: It... it may be deserved but it is certainly ungentlemanly

JAKE: brain ghost dirk i would have expected better of you

DIRK: Can't imagine why. Aren't you going to do anything?

JAKE: Why dont you do something!

DIRK: Because I don't really exist, dickhead.