JANE: Young lady, I am just about at the end of my rope with you.

JANE: Throw all the dog bowls you want at the walls of my warship.

JANE: But don't you dare act up in front of a

JANE: Live

JANE: Fucking

JANE: Newsfeed!

YIFFY: Grrrrrr

JANE: After everything I've done for you--paying for your education, helping your parents cover up your existence from the world!

JANE: Just imagine what Rose and Jade would say if they could see you now, even dissidents can have a little decorum!

JANE: Get down from there at once!

YIFFY: Grrrrrr

JANE: Don't you threaten me, young lady. Not today!


JANE: There's nowhere for you to go. My agents are swarming this church. Be reasonable, Yiffany.

JANE: Ugh.

JANE: Disgusting name.

JANE: But that's hardly your fault. You were always just a footnote. Your parents' little prank.

JANE: Honestly, that's why I helped them all those years ago! I do love a good jape.

JANE: But let's be serious.

JANE: You don't matter. If you did, they would have come for you already.