And she does. Seemingly at the end of her tolerance for insults toward her name, social status, and heritage, Yiffy performs an impressive backflip off the podium and down onto the church floor. One that, if it hadn't been happening amidst a sea of other newsworthy events, would surely have ended up on someone's instagram story within thirty seconds. She gives Gamzee's corpse one last parting kick: a hard, proper kick that proves those cleats aren't just for fashion. Although they are certainly also for fashion.

There he flies--in his gangly, purple, necrotizing glory. A phantom honk seems to hang above the congregation, as if from an echo of a time long past. A simpler time. A time before we had to deal with this disgusting clown's bloated corpse every other update. He vanishes into the seething crowd, and we are confident that we will never have to deal with this asshole ever again.