JANE: Well, isn't this just heartwarming? The prodigal daughter returned to the loving bosom of her family.

ROSE: Oh, is this one of those rare and marvelous beasts, the "villain speech"?

ROSE: I've written one or two in my time.

ROSE: I'm on the edge of my seat. I hope it's better than your political material; I've always found that rather trite.

JANE: I haven't given a political speech in years, Ms. Lalonde. I don't know what you're referring to. I'm just a simple business woman.

JADE: right with her own talk show

JADE: and multi billion dollar merchant company and lobbying groups!

JANE: That's what a business woman is, Jade, dear.

JANE: But enough of that. I'll skip straight to the point.

JANE: You are on my territory, in the presence of my secret police, laying your hand on my investment.

JANE: You think I come anywhere unprepared? I haven't left the house without an armed guard in years.

ROSE: Is it the libidinous power rush that comes from snapping your fingers at men with guns, or are you worried that you might accidentally do something heroic?

JANE: Your ship is in contested airspace. You will land, whereby it will be confiscated by the Royal Human Guard. After that you will be taken into custody.

JANE: All of you. Let's call it a family vacation, shall we? Hoo hoo hoo.