Vriska Maryam-Lalonde, recently "Vrissy," and potentially "You Are So Grounded You Are Never Leaving The House Again," isn't what's commonly referred to as an "outside girl".

She likes grass. It's fine! To look at. And so are trees, as long as they're somewhere off in the distance, swaying gently in the breeze. Trampling through them is not on the list of acceptable tree activities. Vrissy is already sweaty and dirt-streaked, and there's probably like fifty gnats trying to drink her eye fluids. At this rate she almost envies Tavros his role as Batterwitch Bait. Sure, he has to pretend to be threatened by Vrissy's mom, which is lame as hell and also very embarrassing, but at least his eye fluids are safe.

VRISSY: Hey, can you slow Down a Little?

VRISSY: I have to run over Shru8s and shit, I can't Fly!

VRISKA: Hah! And who's fault is that????????

VRISSY: My shitty 8iology I guess!

VRISSY: Sorry, not all of Us had SGRU8 Sessions to make ourselves Immortal.

VRISKA: Well, we'll take care of that, don't even worry a8out it.

VRISSY: Lol I wish.

VRISSY: Ms. Roxy was talking about coming up with some sort of Autonomous Flying Device, 8ut it got Shot Down by the Council.

VRISKA: What the fuck is that?

VRISSY: A Governing 8ody, sort of? I'm not actually Sure how much Power they have anymore, what with the 8atterwitch seizing control of everything.

VRISSY: 8ut they were really against any8ody who wasn't a Creator 8eing a8le to fly, Since it's sort of a Religious Thing.


VRISKA: Well that's fucking stupid?? What good is a religion that stops your society from 8eing a8le to advance?

VRISKA: How could John even let this happen? Don't answer that, I know it's 8ecause he's spent sweeps 8eing a sweaty loser.

VRISKA: But anyway, that wasn't what I meant. Sure, you could get a fucking jetpack or whatever, 8ut ultimately that isn't going to cut it.

VRISKA: I had rocket 8oots that I used at the 8eginning of my session, who didn't? That's wiggler shit.

VRISKA: You can't start to rely on tech, it 8reaks, and enemies can sa8otage it.

VRISKA: Really, we have to get you a god tier. That's pretty much the only solution at this point.

VRISKA: Ideally we'd go back to when you were a wiggler and start your training right away, 8ut that's not exactly an option. So god tier it is.

VRISSY: Is that even Possi8le? Outside of the Game?

VRISKA: Nope. 8ut we don't have to worry a8out that, once we get back into SGRU8.

VRISSY: What???

VRISKA: We have to start this shit over again, you have all let it get so out of hand there's really nothing to do besides a hard reset.


VRISSY: Uh... how are you going to do that?

VRISKA: I've got a plan.

VRISKA: Look, up ahead.