DAVE: i am literally the only person here

DAVE: but ok i guess

DAVE: unless you count jade who we obviously arent

DAVE: seeing as how she is twenty five nautical feet away and not even trying to pay attention to us

DAVE: just reading a book about maybe mushrooms or something that could be seen by some as magical and whimsical but is also somehow scientific

DAVE: glad to have you back dogg (literal)

DAVE: whatever happened there

DAVE: do we know what happened there

ROXY: dave

DAVE: do we want to know what happened there

ROXY: dave

DAVE: feels like it should be an important part of our daily lives

DAVE: i mean i get it

DAVE: you get possessed by the embodiment of space or whatever and then you threaten to eat some chocolate or peanut butter or perhaps some abominable combination of the two and now youre back in control

DAVE: no that makes perfect sense

DAVE: the boldness of peanut butter? the fresh taste of chocolate? together at last?