ROXY: u know what i think u do

ROXY: i am getting sick and tired of davekat

DAVE: first of all

DAVE: amazing that you named my relationship

DAVE: second of all if i understand ship name vernacular

DAVE: which of course i fucking do

DAVE: pretty bold of you to assume im proverbially "on top" in this scenario

ROXY: i actually dont want to hear about this

DAVE: no too late pardner you opened the door

DAVE: im just moseyin on through

DAVE: yippee ki yay

DAVE: no

DAVE: yippee ki GAY?

ROXY: this sucks why r u like this

DAVE: my brains fried on account of i just love to do homo kisses so much

DAVE: i cant contain myself

ROXY: lmao this bit wont work on me anymore

ROXY: we get it!!

ROXY: hashtag love wins!!!!!!

ROXY: ur both very cute and love eachother very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROXY: i just wanna do my laundry

ROXY: without potensh walkin in on two of my bffs goin whole assed ham on top of some socks

ROXY: every

ROXY: single

ROXY: time

DAVE: wow and youre usually so supportive

DAVE: i cant believe it

DAVE: my own flesh and blood

DAVE: my own brother/father

DAVE: homophobic

DAVE: well hm actually

ROXY: oh yikes dirk lmao

DAVE: yeah haha

ROXY: hehhehhheh

DAVE: ...

ROXY: ...

DAVE: i mean i dont actually think he-

ROXY: lmao no no

DAVE: like in a real way

ROXY: no def not hes just an asshole

DAVE: haha yeah

ROXY: right

DAVE: right...?

ROXY: haha

DAVE: heh

DAVE: ...

ROXY: ...