ROXY: hey john can u do me a quick solid

ROXY: actly idk how quick itll be but its definitely solid

ROXY: harry anderson says i just missed u being here but could u skip back on over?

ROXY: i need help w/smth and yr darling boy is holed up in his room working on some fuckin craft project or other and cant be bothered

ROXY: and now that me and u are freshly on speakin terms again i might as well take advantage of that olive branch and put u to work

ROXY: assumin you havent died in an air raid, that is

ROXY: which id also be interested in knowin about so if u wld be so kind as to reply instead of leavin me hangin

JOHN: yea yea sorry im here.

JOHN: i just had a hard time getting my phone out of these fucking tiny pants.

JOHN: and also my house is bombed out so i'm kinda grappling with that.

JOHN: but i honestly am not sure how much longer i need to sit around staring at it. trying to align my memories of my youth with whatever is happening right now so

JOHN: short version is no i'm not dead, and yeah i can come back over there and help you out.

ROXY: oh sweet yr alive and down to do manual labor its a win/win

JOHN: see you soon.