ROXY: hey callieee i got him

ROXY: o damn john sorry i shoulda also told u callies here weve been hangin out again

ROXY: 1 more freak for ur bean

JOHN: oh it's ok, my bean feels pretty well adjusted to freakage at this point so keep them coming if you like!

ROXY: k cool i will

JOHN: do i get to know what that big thing under the sheet is?

ROXY: hmmmmmm no

JOHN: oh ok.

JOHN: are you sure? i mean, it seems like a pretty prominent feature of the room.

JOHN: space.

JOHN: wherever we are.

ROXY: and a totally mysterious n COMPLETELY inconspicuous feature it will have to remain for now

ROXY: we r kinda in a hurry here fyi

ROXY: and by that i mean

ROXY: we are in precisely the amount of hurry that means im excused from having to a that specific q rn

JOHN: right, sorry.

JOHN: i will pay no attention to the object behind the curtain.

ROXY: u catch on fast egbert

ROXY: anyway theres more cool info coming so just follow me