(Jake: Eavesdrop.)

Egads! What a despicable plan, devised by a devilish dame with a dastardly disposition. The wretched wiles of a wayward woman with a penchant for the wicked. A hullabaloo most hideous and heinous, hammered out by- No! Enough! This is some real villain shit and you won't stand for it. Sure, you've been complacent a few times, and maybe you've kept quiet every now and then when shit got a bit spicy, but this is something different. You can forgive a little bit of spousal roughhousery and xenophobia, but you draw the line at endangering the lives of your friends. Your son! In these delicate times, she is bringing a spark to a gunpowder fight. That is a perfect phrase and you might write that down for later. Someone's really got to do something, and that someone's gotta be you.