JAKE: Shit, sergeant! Cant you add her to the groupcrab?

MEENAH: groupcrab

MEENAH: cod damn thats good

MEENAH: i just been callin em prawnference calls

MEENAH: anyways she dont answer if its from me

MEENAH: still mad about what happened at ferry andersons wriggling day party i bet

MEENAH: whole party was based on some old ass human movie

MEENAH: how was i supposed to know the floats were for the kid

JAKE: Meenah we-

MEENAH: later i find out one of the float guys names was literally PIERCE somefin its like they were askin for it

JAKE: Meenah-

MEENAH: its been sweeps let it go

JAKE: MEENAH!! Janes legion of goons is lining up to blast her sweethearts backdoor!