ROXY: jakey jakey eggs an bakey

MEENAH: tally ho bitch

ROXY: oh hell nah

MEENAH: and is the lil skull monster swimwhere in the back there hi skull monster

ROXY: i know u know their name!!

JAKE: Mamma mia rox!! I dont know what the argy-bargy is between the two of you but youve got to start picking up your phone!

MEENAH: wait fuuuuck mom of mia that was it i forgot the name of the shit until just now

MEENAH: jake kingfish here was just talkin about how ur still mad at me about that party

ROXY: oh my god dont start with this shit again

MEENAH: i just think u were bein a little juvenisle about how it all went down

ROXY: oh so u think now?

JAKE: Roxy this is important! Janes ready to send you to abrahams bosom over this Plot Point hoopla!

ROXY: whaa? she knows?

MEENAH: your shits been compromised you probably got goons surrounding your whole operation watchin your every move

MEENAH: couldnt be me

ROXY: :o

ROXY: ykw i can deal with underlings no problem

MEENAH: but if it comes to it can you deal with batterbitch 2.0 hershellf? what will you do when you and everyone you know are corallateral damage in her wake

ROXY: i...

MEENAH: what suddenly youre not too busy playin house and bein indecisive to care about the rest of the worlds problems

ROXY: janey cant be that far gone right?

JAKE: Janes been that far gone for a dogs age. If we let her get to The Point itll be curtains for everything the revolution has been working towards.

ROXY: what does she even want with it

MEENAH: idk but hypothetically speaking if i was posted up in my big mean bitch pants just gettin my empress on and you told me insturgeonts were tryin to shore up on some kinda mythic skaian artifact

MEENAH: id swipe that shit for myshellf

MEENAH: and then say it was all my idea in the first place so nobody could argue against kissing my ass forever

MEENAH: so just as a frondly warning figure trout whatever sea-beef you got with me finternally

DIRK: (Sea-beef? Dude, these are barely even puns anymore.)

MEENAH: otherwise? we all drown together

ROXY: i rly hope it doesnt come to that

MEENAH: you can hope all you want

MEENAH: but no matter what whoever takes credit for this comes out on top

MEENAH: and sometimes living isnt enough, people like your "janey" have to win

JAKE: Ah fuck.