DIRK: Ok but like what are you actually calling me about.

ROSEBOT: I just thought you might like to know that we're getting pretty close to your chosen crash site.

ROSEBOT: We can head down to the planet below as soon as Terezi's finished... working out how we do that.

DIRK: How to land?

DIRK: ...

DIRK: Wait, crash site??


ROSEBOT: Among the features of this ship that were considered indispensable by its creator,

ROSEBOT: Which included multiple fully stocked drinks cabinets, a movie theater, and an eight-lane shooting range,

ROSEBOT: A landing gear appears to have fallen just a little outside the realm of vital.

ROSEBOT: Or rather, hurtled into the ground.

ROSEBOT: Like we'll be doing, in case the message wasn't clear.

DIRK: ...


DIRK: Gotcha.

DIRK: (God DAMN it English.)

ROSEBOT: Assuming your busywork is more or less done by now, I'll get Terezi to set a course. If she hasn't wandered away from the helm already.

ROSEBOT: She's been getting pretty impatient.

DIRK: So...

DIRK: I just want to get this on COMPLETE lock-down before I strap myself into the safety harness we'd all better hope wasn't also omitted from the design schematic of this stupid ship,

DIRK: We're letting *Terezi* smash us into the planet we've been hunting for three years?

DIRK: Should she even be driving this thing?

ROSEBOT: Don't be such a chud, Dirk.

ROSEBOT: Of the three of us, she has by far the most experience operating any kind of flying vessel.

ROSEBOT: And just as much if not more experience of crashing them.

ROSEBOT: Besides, it's not like the two of us have anything to worry about. It's Terezi that needs to be careful.

ROSEBOT: She's functionally mortal, remember?

DIRK: You mean to say that you don't think we'd be in peril if it came to it?

DIRK: There's nothing about our situation that strikes you as falling within the bounds of precarity, as far as the rules are concerned?

ROSEBOT: Oh. You're right. I suppose I hadn't thought of that.

ROSEBOT: But I think we can remain calm in the knowledge that nothing particularly heroic is going on right now. At least, not that I'm aware of.

DIRK: ... Right.

DIRK: Give me a couple more minutes here, then we can head planetside.

DIRK: There's a few stray dust motes still left to eradicate.

ROSEBOT: Just don't get too attached to having everything organized neatly, will you.