JANE: Boo hoo hoo! Oh, Jake! Something awful has happened!

JAKE: It--it has? You mean more awful than usual?

JANE: The opposition has taken Tavros, Jake. They've finally shown their true colors. I knew it was only a matter of time before they attacked our family directly!

JAKE: Oh hahaa. Well. The scamps!

It's then that Jake realizes that Jane isn't mad because she'd never realized he was gone. It makes sense. There's been plenty of times when the two of them didn't cross paths for days at a time. The perils of living in a mansion, he supposes. She seems to have forgotten that she'd been cross with him the last time they met, because now that Gamzee is gone, there's no one left to talk to. She recovers from her crying jag with grace, straightening up and wiping at her eyes. Miraculously, her mascara remains unstreaked. Even in moments of vulnerability she is bulletproof.