DAVEBOT: i care so damn much

ARADIA: you can do it too

DAVEBOT: dont your sick butler powers make sure you dont fuck up timelines by tidying them up

DAVEBOT: so you can just pop in and out as you want problem fuckin solved

ARADIA: actually i doomed thousands of timelines

DAVEBOT: thats kind of fucked up

ARADIA: yeah!

ARADIA: to be fair i was doing it on purpose

DAVEBOT: thats even more fucked up

ARADIA: anyway now i simply take decisive action to ensure the timeline im in is stable

ARADIA: besides

ARADIA: it is just called that i am not actually a maid and i do not actually clean anything

DAVEBOT: really whos been keeping this place clean then

ARADIA: i thought it was you

ARADIA: you are always doing your little raps about it


ARADIA: you know