JAKE: Dirk i dont think i can do this.

DIRK: What do you mean? You just did it. You kicked ass back there.

JAKE: I didnt do anything i just stood there and felt bad about myself!

DIRK: All according to keikaku. It worked. Congratulations.

JAKE: Its only i promised i would never come back here.

DIRK: Promised? Promised who?

JAKE: Myself! I decided that enough was right and jolly well enough!

JAKE: You say you know your onions when it comes to me and my troubles but you just keep asking stupid questions!

JAKE: John and i had quite the gabfest the other night and i felt hopeful for the first time in years. Like i really could turn over a new leaf and it all felt like berries from here on out!

JAKE: i really didnt think id fall off the wagon so quickly. I dont think being here is good for my emotions to be honest.

DIRK: Yeah, probably not. But that's okay. They don't matter.


JAKE: I suppose youre right what with masculinity and all that.

JAKE: A true mans lip remains stiff even in the harshest of circumstances!

DIRK: Don't know anything about stiff lips, dude. But that's not what I mean. It's not because you're a man. You're a god.

JAKE: Oh right. That.

DIRK: The world comes first, even at the expense of all your relationships and personal happiness. That's what being a hero means.

JAKE: I guess...i never really thought about it like that.