(Harry: Contact Tavvy.)

-- thespiansGlamor [TG] began pestering glutinousGymnast [GG] --

TG: yo tav.

TG: you there?

TG: you heard from vrissy yet?

TG: she hasn't answered me in a while.

-- thespiansGlamor [TG] is now an idle chum! --

TG: helloooo.

TG: cool!

TG: i'm being snubbed by you too.

TG: i mean you should probably try to message her, she left without telling me where she was going yesterday.

TG: and i don't know if she's up to some kind of trouble or not?

TG: i mean, i'm not gonna make a stink about her going off on her own, she can handle herself.

TG: but she went with vriska?

TG: so thats pretty fucking suspect on its own.

TG: vriska is like this entirely different animal, it's not gonna be your typical charming vrissy shenanigans.

-- thespiansGlamor [TG] is now an idle chum! --

TG: tavvy?

TG: stop leaving me on read, dude. i know you're reading these.

GG: Oh,,, um,, i havent heard from her,,,

TG: then can you try to ping her?

GG: I will message her soon,,, its just that currently i am in a bit of a pickle,,,,,,,,,,,, something rather emotionally fraught,,,,,, and serious,

GG: I could give it a go,,, in a little bit,,,,

TG: god dude, no wonder she can't rely on you for shit.

TG: it's like pulling teeth to get you to do anything.

TG: ...

TG: hello??? are you still there?

GG: Well,,,

GG: Unfortunately,,, its showing that shes offline,

GG: So it follows that even if i did ping her,,, i would see the same amount of responses that you are seeing,,,

GG: Which is to say,,, none,

GG: Unless she is pretending to be offline,,, on account of you texting her way too much,,, again,,,,,

TG: are you fucking serious??

GG: I didnt mean to come across as brash,,, there are just more troubling things for me to attend to,,,

TG: i get that, whatever.

TG: i still don't feel good about this.

TG: don't you wanna know where our girlfriend is???

GG: I do but,,,,

GG: I am sort of occupied with the aforementioned pickle,,, with her mothers and Aunt Jade,,,

TG: oh.

TG: then can you ask them? like the few obvious things you can do here?

GG: Id,,,, rather not,,, miss Maryam seems a bit,,, hot under the collar,,,

TG: yikes.

TG: alright, i get it.

TG: would not wanna be in that room either lmao.

TG: i've seen her tear into vrissy after one of her sneak outs.

TG: shit's straight up terrifying. i don't blame you.

GG: ,,,Seeing as i am actively in the radius of her discomposure right now,,, i wouldnt mind trading places,

TG: hopefully you make it out alive.

TG: try not to get sawed in half, or whatever the legends say.

TG: sooo how bout that message, can you try to reach vrissy?

GG: ,,, Sorry,

GG: ,,, Things are getting a bit,,, fussy,,,

GG: I cant respond adequately,,,

TG: come on tav, really?

GG: ,,, I have to go,

TG: god dammit.

TG: ok!!!! fine.

TG: i'll just do it myself.

-- thespiansGlamor [TG] ceased pestering glutinousGymnast [GG] --