VRISSY: My moms are on the Way, so we just gotta Fuck around here for a 8it until they get here.

HARRY: sounds good, hehe.

VRISSY: I read through all your Spam Texts 8y the way, you fucking Corn8all.

HARRY: shit.


VRISSY: You really DO take after your dad, huh. Needy and Melodramatic. Amazing. The full Package.

VRISSY: I won't lie to you, it was a Tough read. I nearly keeled over from Second-hand em8arrassment just skimming through that Sap-fest.

VRISSY: Is this the same Slick 8ad 8oy who sneaks out with me so often? I've never seen you Wimp out like that 8efore.

HARRY: yeah, sorry, i was kinda in the moment there.

VRISSY: You know we're like, two of the most High-profile kids on the Planet and it would 8e kind of a 8ad look if they got us Killed?

VRISSY: Think ahead, Dummy.

HARRY: listen, i didn't know where you were!!!

HARRY: you stopped responding, and i had this nagging feeling... like something bad might've happened.

HARRY: which i was actually right on the money about, by the way.

HARRY: fuck me for giving a shit about my girlfriend, i guess.

VRISSY: Stop overreacting, Harry, I was Joking.

VRISSY: Despite how cringy it was, it was pretty adorable. :::;)

VRISSY: But you KNOW I'm never gonna let you Live that down, right?

HARRY: haha.

HARRY: yeah.

VRISSY: Anyway, enough a8out This.

VRISSY: I think they should 8e here Soon, so let's take a seat and Chill out, okay?

HARRY: ...my my, how can i resist ya? ;)

VRISSY: Oh my G8D, I told you Never to S8y that Again!!!!!!!!