TAVVY: I,,, tried to remember if i have ever seen you,,, drink soda before,

TAVVY: I'm,,, pretty sure i saw this brand in Aunt Jade's groceries once,,,

TAVVY: ,,, and made some assumptions,,,


TAVVY: Ugh,,,

TAVVY: A lot has happened,,, huh,

TAVVY: Shit, uh, is really,,, going down,


TAVVY: ,,, And also, everyone knows you exist now,,, instead of just me,,,

TAVVY: And our moms,

TAVVY: Wow,,,!


TAVVY: You know, i was almost kidnapped,,, once,,,

TAVVY: My mom removed the window, after that,

TAVVY: Which, um, sucked,

TAVVY: Though, i guess you'd know, uh, about that,,,


TAVVY: Sorry,

TAVVY: ,,,

TAVVY: Um, i know that things have been,,, complicated and kind of lame, for you,

TAVVY: On no small part because of our families, and,

TAVVY: Especially mine,,,

TAVVY: But,,, i'm glad you're here now,

TAVVY: And i think, maybe, i could try to help you out, now that you're here, more than i have, in the past,

TAVVY: Which is to say, uh, very little,,,


TAVVY: Um, could you maybe, turn around, when i'm talking to you,,,