calliope: though the prince's actions have exacerbated the damage, they are not its origin point.

calliope: it's due to the beliefs and desires of those far beyond even my grasp.

calliope: it is all that we are/were and its current form is representative of what those outsiders think we are/should be

calliope: this Home, in its current form, has become abominable.

ROXY: idk i think it looks kinda cool

calliope: it is not cool.

calliope: it is an eyesore and worse, its purpose has become obfuscated, form plagued with an ever-expanding amalgamation of wings, and rooms, and atriums, and winding exhibition halls.

calliope: all uncurated, thoughtlessly tacked on to accommodate garish, self-indulgent new installations.

ROXY: and stairs

calliope: and stairs.

ROXY: it keeps happenin huh

calliope: yes.

calliope: it keeps happening.

JADE: (har har har)

calliope: although i doubt it can be restored to its original state, the growth can be curbed.

calliope: with or without your assistance, these antics can be brought to a satisfying and hopefully timely conclusion.

calliope: the prince thwarted, the renovations finished, and the rest of the recalcitrant furniture bolted neatly back into its place.

JADE: are you calling us fucking furniture?

ROXY: whos the couch


ROXY: sorry

KANAYA: Calliope


KANAYA: No Not You The Dead One

KANAYA: The Alternate Calliope

ROXY: we gotta come up with a different name

JADE: how about bossy dead bitch

ROXY: oh snizzap

calliope: you can call me al

ROXY: aw thats almost cute

KANAYA: Is This Cryptic Expositing Truly Necessary


KANAYA: Actually No Im Not Calling You That

calliope: for you, no. but there are other invested parties.

KANAYA: We Were About To Engage In A Rather Important Discussion