(John and Vriska: Touch down.)

JOHN: whew!

JOHN: that was quite the race.


VRISKA: C'mon.

VRISKA: That was 8arely a warm-up!

JOHN: jeez.

JOHN: i guess i'm out of shape.

JOHN: i didn't even know you could BE out of shape with magical floating powers...

VRISKA: Well, that's what sitting around like a depressing 8oring loser for sweeps gets you!

VRISKA: You'll just have to get 8ack IN shape.

JOHN: man, i guess so.

JOHN: hey, now that i've got you here, why did you lead us directly to the meteor?

JOHN: we did both kind of mutually mention that there was a transportalizer pretty much directly to the lab in roxy's house, right?

VRISKA: Sure. And?

JOHN: well i just think maybe it might've been a little less risky to go that way, instead of weaving through battle ships and cross fire and all that war junk.

VRISKA: Less risky, may8e, 8ut also wayyyyyyyy less fun.

VRISKA: C'mon, wasn't it a pretty sweet joyride?

VRISKA: It's nice to give the ol' wings a stretch!

JOHN: hehe, that's true.

JOHN: but i think now that we're here, we should probably get inside before someone notices us.

JOHN: roxy taught me a secret knock to use in times like these, she'll reco-