VRISKA: Shit!!!!!!!!

TAVROS: I'm ever so sorry,, the shoe,,,,,

VRISSY: SHHHHHHHH, 8oth of you quit yelling, you fucking am8teurs!

VRISSY: They're gonna hear us if we don't get moving NOW.

VRISKA: Ok, ok, i'm shushing. Let's lift him up real high this time.

TAVROS: Yes,,, that sounds, uh,, safer,

VRISKA: Ok, on my count, we're all picking him up.



TAVROS: Please,, don't count all the way to eight,

VRISSY: Tavros, what the Fuck, man!

VRISSY: We're in a Hurry, what are you doing?

TAVROS: It's just,,, i think three would be more efficient,

VRISSY: 8ut you just--

VRISKA: No, he's right, I was going to count to eight.

TAVROS: Which would have taken quite a bit longer,

VRISKA: Yeah, a8out as much time as this dum8shit conversation, so,