VRISSY: Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit.

TAVROS: We were fortunate this hall was, uh,,, empty,

VRISKA: This is incredible, we're fucking killing it!

VRISSY: I would not call this Piping Hot Turd of a Situation "killing it" in any way.

VRISSY: They had already evacu8ed. That's it. No skill of ours involved.

VRISKA: Well, who made that alarm go off in the first place, hmm????????


VRISKA: I thought this planet was gonna be a snoozefest desert devoid of 8oth agency and fun, but I am honestly having a gr8 time.

VRISKA: We just wait til they all go home and sneak out! We're nowhere near 8eat, yet.

VRISSY: If those assholes have a lot of Followers, we might as well 8e.