DIRK: Bullshit aside, that's the contest I'd like to propose.

DIRK: Two gods, two species, one copy of the Game.

DIRK: We have a lot of time to kill before it's ready to play. Might as well have some fun in the meantime.

ROSE: I'm intrigued.

DIRK: That's good. Intrigued is good.

ROSE: I have a few questions before we begin.

ROSE: First and most pressing: how do you propose we go about doing this? What are our raw materials?

ROSE: Unless you're planning on giving me a rib, I'm not sure what we are going to work from.

DIRK: That's fair enough. There doesn't appear to be anything in the way of animal life on this planet for us to use.

DIRK: But that's not important. We've got all the raw material we need already.

DIRK: Quite literally, in fact.

DIRK: We're going to make the new species out of us.

ROSE: ...

ROSE: I... see.

DIRK: Don't worry, it doesn't imply actually breaking ourselves down into usable matter or anything like that.

DIRK: What I mean is that we have two humans' worth of genetic material to start from.

DIRK: And, more importantly, the technology to use that material to synthesize something new.

ROSE: So ectobiology, then.

DIRK: That's part of it, yeah.

DIRK: Let's take this into the lab.

ROSE: The lab.

DIRK: Yeah.

DIRK: ...

DIRK: It's just another fucking cave, ok?