Dirk and Rose: Proceed to lab.

ROSE: This cave has a lab-like ambiance, I'll give it that. And I've seen a few labs in my time.

DIRK: Sweet. It's got the Lalonde witticism of approval.

DIRK: No honor could be higher.

ROSE: I'm sure I could have come up with something better if I wasn't still internally reeling at the prospect of us becoming our own biblical progenitors.

DIRK: Yeah.

DIRK: The old bearded man in the sky *wishes* he had one of these babies though.

ROSE: All he had was heterosexuality and a very long con.

ROSE: Although I guess they're both essentially the same thing.

DIRK: Oh shit.

ROSE: There's something so delicious about the two of us being the ones to populate an entire planet from scratch.

ROSE: The irony doesn't get much sweeter.

DIRK: How quickly you learn, my child.

DIRK: I am so proud of you.

DIRK: Anyway, that horseshit aside,

DIRK: It turns out that basically all of the equipment that Sburb gave us can be integrated into one device, with the ability to perform both alchemical and ectobiological functions.

DIRK: The idea is pretty simple. We each contribute our own genetic sequences in the form of paradox slime, and then use it as a base to graft new material onto, using alchemy.


ROSE: Doesn't that strike you as a little...

DIRK: What.

ROSE: You know.

ROSE: Incestuous slurry-adjacent.


DIRK: That shouldn't be an issue.

DIRK: We're each going to be keeping our slime to ourselves.

ROSE: How courteous.

DIRK: In any case, after the base material is collected and the alchemical mix is finalized, we rapidly accelerate the development of the synthesized life forms to a point at which they can form a society of sorts.

ROSE: So in theory, what the Mayor and his associates did on Earth C, but just larger in scope.

ROSE: Instead of staying within the framework of a species that already exists.

DIRK: And here, we won't be waiting thousands of years for the development to happen in real time.

DIRK: This plays to our advantage in more ways than one. For one thing, it's pretty clear that we aren't gonna get this right on the first try.

DIRK: I've been conceiving of this as a long game of many individual moves.

DIRK: Each of us building and advancing in response to the concepts thrown out by the other.

DIRK: Think of it as collaborative worldbuilding.

ROSE: All those DnD nights on the meteor finally turn to my advantage.

ROSE: Ok, I think I understand the premise well enough.

ROSE: Why don't you start things off.

ROSE: Roll the first die.

DIRK: Alright, sweet.