i remind the witch that my time was in the void, which is far darker and lonelier than a ship full of lizards. i add that it was also eons, a length of time that is, traditionally, far longer than three years. i ask her to excuse my pettiness in pointing it out.

JADE: youre a member of a species designed for long periods of isolation

JADE: im a human!

JADE: or at least, i started out that way

JADE: even if i had the powers of a first guardian, my brain still worked in modules of human pattern recognition!

JADE: three years is a long time for a human teenager, i dont care how many of her molecules are made of a god!

i point out that this back and forth is becoming childish and if--


JADE: who are you even talking to?

the audience, of course.

JADE: audience?

JADE: ugh, this is so annoying, i cant tell if youre being serious

JADE: your voice is impossible to read and i cant see your face