JADE: are you talking to me?

JADE: because if you are i would like to remind you that i hate!! orange juice!!

no you don't.

JADE: well i guess i never really had a strong opinion on it before

JADE: but now i cant stand it!!

JADE: its all you drink!

i like the pulp.

JADE: its my body and i dont want orange juice!

JADE: i hate pulp, and i didnt just make that up to spite you

JADE: who wants strings in their juice?

i do.

JADE: ughhhhhhhhh

i realize that jade's situation is less than ideal from a characterization perspective, but i still politely point out that nobody likes a whiner.

JADE: fuck you rude calliope inside my head!

JADE: from a 'characterization' standpoint, i think you are pedantic

JADE: annoying

JADE: and just a general huge drag to be around!

JADE: why dont you try being possessed by the spirit of some other version of a good friend of yours, and floated around a spaceship full of people you love

JADE: unable to affect anything or say hello to anyone!

JADE: then tell me about whiners!

i killed my brother and consumed him.

JADE: sounds like a you problem

i suggest to the witch that i have spent untold eons in the void between universes, waiting for the moment i would be needed to prevent the dissipation of reality as we know it. her appeals to emotion will not help her. i will remain unmoved.

JADE: well i had to watch my boyfriend and my brother die in front of me on a tiny scaled version of a world that i shrunk for them!

JADE: and then spend the next three years talking to myself, wracked with guilt that id killed them!