VRISKA: How long is this going to take?

VRISKA: I know John is all depressed and long winded now 8ut surely he should have dropped his precious 8oy 8ack home 8y now.

VRISKA: These are crucial minutes we're wasting.

VRISSY: Oh, is trying on all my 8oyfriend's accessories not passing the time well enough for you?

VRISKA: Desper8 times call for desper8 measures, Vrissy.

VRISKA: And this is some dire shit.

They stare each other down. Did she mean the fugitive situation, or Harry Anderson's fashion choices? Vrissy feels silly wondering this, but despite the situation they're in, she can't help but feel more acutely anxious about Vriska's presence.

She likes her life, and she trusts her own choices. But now, looking at everything from Vriska's vantage point, it all feels silly. Unimportant. Childish.

She can't tell if she wants Vriska to rip in to Harry Anderson or if she wants her to stay silent. To put off the moment where she has to defend him or join in.