Luckily, Harry Anderson opens the door and puts off any fraught decision making for the moment. He kisses Vrissy's temple and she leans in to the warmth of him.

HARRY ANDERSON: aren't you a sight for sore eyes.

HARRY ANDERSON: so sorry it took so long.

HARRY ANDERSON: can't rush a heart to heart, you know how it is.

VRISSY: You actually had a Heart to Heart with your dad? How many times did he Cry?

HARRY ANDERSON: none, actually, i think he got that over with when he was talking to my mom.

HARRY ANDERSON: but god, it was a mess. i had to keep talking to keep him from looking at his phone or turning on the radio.

HARRY ANDERSON: i may have told him more about my deep passions and emotions in the last hour than the whole rest of my life combined, just to keep him from hearing the fucking news.

HARRY ANDERSON: which, by the way, is a complete clusterfuck. they're asking for tips about your location, blasting the fucking photo everywhere. all of it.

HARRY ANDERSON: great shot of you, though, babe.

HARRY ANDERSON: and tav actually held his own? absolute madman.

HARRY ANDERSON: and you, too, uh.


HARRY ANDERSON: nice to meet you by the way. i see you're enjoying my collection of scarves.

VRISKA: Yeah. Are we all here and acqua8nted now? Gr8. What's next?