Well, almost.

KANAYA: Try Calling Her Again!

ROSE: I HAVE tried, but she's not picking up!!

KANAYA: What About Harry Anderson Or Tavros!

ROSE: Kanaya, nobody is answering!!!

KANAYA: Rose I Feel Like I Must Sink To The Level Of Stating The Obvious But This Is Terrible!

KANAYA: This Is Awful!

KANAYA: This Is!


KANAYA: Aaaaaaargh!

KANAYA: I Cant Think Of Any More Related Adjectives!

ROSE: It's...

ROSE: Kanaya, I don't want to resort to idle, baseless platitudes.

ROSE: So I won't.

ROSE: I don't understand what's going on any more than you do, and I'm sorry.

ROSE: I'm sorry!

KANAYA: Rose Our Daughter Is In Danger And We Are But Powerless To Help Her!

KANAYA: I Do Not Understand Why This Is Happening Or What Precise Series Of Events Led To This Predicament But I Doubt That They Are Directly Or Indirectly Your Fault!

KANAYA: I Feel Like Your Apologising Is Serving As The Very Baseless Platitude Which You Sought To Avoid!

ROSE: No, I know.

ROSE: I know, dear.

ROSE: I just wish I had answers!! My useless powers aren't being any help, and what's worse,

ROSE: I can't see ANYTHING useful on this stupid news channel!!

KANAYA: I Think It Is A Cruel Irony That We Are Forced To Depend On Crocker's Branded Coverage Of Our Own Daughters Headhunting!

KANAYA: Not To Mention That The Quality Of This Broadcast Leaves Something To Be Desired!

KANAYA: I Know That We Are Enemies But I Really Expected Better Of Such A Shrewd Businesswoman!

ALFONZ: excuse me mA'Ams

ROSE: I just don't understand what Vriska was doing there in the first place...

ROSE: Forgetting the fact that Gamzee's dead for a moment,

KANAYA: No I Cant Do That Theyve Just Started Showing The Picture Of Him Again

ROSE: Ugh, god.

KANAYA: For Once The Thought Of His Putrescent Corpse Does Nothing To Quell My Anxiety!

ALFONZ: if i could just tAke A moment of your time

ALFONZ: its A mAtter of some urgency

KANAYA: This Is All So Upsetting That I Cannot Even Find Satisfaction In His Death!

KANAYA: Not When They Have Started Using It As Justification To Call Our Daughter A Terrorist!

KANAYA: And All That Is Without Even Mentioning The Fact!

KANAYA: That Somehow!!

ALFONZ: (*deep breath*)

KANAYA: The Other Vriska Is Also Here!!!