TAVROS: We appear to be,,, in no uncertain terms,,, completely surrounded,

TAVROS: I don't wish to come across as pessimistic,,, but,

TAVROS: It's hard to see what possibilities we have, for a plan of escape,,,

HARRY: there has to be something we can do!

HARRY: my dad is counting on us to get out of here and meet up with him.

TAVROS: Well,,,

TAVROS: I'm also not wishing to be rude, but,,,,,

VRISSY: It's Ok8y Tavvy, I don't Give A Shit a8out being rude.

VRISSY: Harry, your dad's plan fucking SUCKS.

VRISSY: There's no Easy w8y out of this.

VRISSY: It was simple enough for him to Tell us to escape, 8ut we're the ones th8t Have to 8ctually DO it!

VRISSY: And that advice he gave you?

VRISSY: It was All a load of Meaningless 8ullshit!

VRISSY: "Don't get caught."

VRISSY: Yeah, No Shit!!!!!!!!

HARRY: ok, wow. :/

HARRY: vrissy, i know this is a stressful predicament but i think that's going too far.

HARRY: my dad believes in us.

HARRY: and if he thinks there's something we can do, then there has to be a way!

HARRY: it's the only possibility.

VRISSY: Ok8y, how A8out This for an alternative explan8tion.

VRISSY: Your dad is Giddy and High on the Thrill of Something Interesting h8ppening in his life For Once!

HARRY: i don't believe this.

HARRY: i've been waiting for my dad to start talking to me again for what feels like forever.

HARRY: you KNOW that!

HARRY: and you couldn't just be happy for me this one time?

VRISSY: Oh my GOD Harry 8nderson.

VRISSY: I know you've spent So much Time crying into your d8tenight Popcorn a8out this but Please give it a 8reak!

VRISSY: Just LISTEN to me for once.

VRISSY: This isn't a8out your hangups with your Dad, okay?!

VRISSY: We're in the middle of a WAR.

VRISSY: A War th8t is, in some part, His Fault!

VRISSY: And instead of Taking Responsibility and 8cting like a Grown Up, he decided to Rope us all into this Ins8ne Game he thinks he's pl8ying!

TAVROS: Vrissy,,,, i don't think that's fair,

TAVROS: Uncle john isn't to blame for this,,,

HARRY: yeah, no shit tav.

HARRY: this whole situation is because of YOUR insane hitlermom.

TAVROS: Ok, now,,,

TAVROS: That was uncalled for,,,

VRISSY: Yeah Harry, not cool.

HARRY: oh what, so you're gonna just pretend that his mom *isn't* a literal dictator?

HARRY: he doesn't need you to stick up for him, vrissy! he's fucking loaded!

VRISSY: Harry, all of our families are O8scenely Wealthy.

VRISSY: We're standing in your mom's 8outique living room! You can't exactly pl8y a Privilege Card here!

VRISSY: And Tavros, you don't have to Defend Mister Eg8ert just 8ecause you feel weird a8out him trying to kidnap you that one time.

VRISSY: If 8nything, you should 8e on My Side here!

VRISSY: John's clearly got a Tr8ck Record of doing 8nything for a moment of excitement without thinking of the Consequences.

VRISKA: (Grr........)

VRISSY: And Look wh8t h8ppened!

VRISSY: Remember what he did on Harry's 8irthday that one time?

TAVROS: (I told you that,,, in strictest confidence,,,)

VRISSY: Tavros, he could h8ve Killed you!

VRISSY: Why Else do you think you're such a Wimpy, Traumatized 8a8y?

TAVROS: Ok, that,,, isn't the reason for that,,,


VRISKA: (Grrrrrrrr........)

TAVROS: I feel like your implied, "concern", for my childhood wellbeing,

TAVROS: Is less sincere,,, than it is,,, an attempt to weaponize something difficult for me,

TAVROS: In order that you can win an argument,,, with harry anderson,,,,,



VRISKA: SHUT!!!!!!!!

VRISKA: UP!!!!!!!!