VRISKA: I feel like I'm going fucking insane.

VRISKA: Is it weepy wiggler tantrum hour, or are the three of you always this pathetic????????

VRISKA: No8ody answer that, it was 8ulge-achingly rhetorical.

VRISKA: Just keep quiet for a moment while I insult you some more.

VRISKA: Vrissy, you're cool and all, 8ut I'm getting tired of this teen nonsense.

VRISKA: John's "advice" totally 8lows, 8ut at least he understands what needs to 8e done.

VRISKA: Don't insult my friends. Only I get to do that.

VRISKA: Tavros, stop 8eing such a wimp.

VRISKA: No8ody has time for this pansy clownery!

VRISKA: Do you remem8er what happened to the last clown I had to deal with?

TAVROS: (Gulp,,,)

VRISKA: Yeah, I thought so.

VRISKA: And Harry, listen.

VRISKA: Neither you nor your friends have anything really important going on.

VRISKA: Your lives and your planet are a total 8ore!

VRISKA: 8ut somehow John loves you anyway.

VRISKA: Try and be fucking gr8ful for that every once in a while.

VRISKA: Not everyone is so lucky.

VRISKA: Anyway, forget his advice. John wasn't counting on you to get us out of this.

VRISKA: He was counting on me!

VRISKA: So from now on, everyone just follow my lead and do what I say.

VRISKA: And if that doesn't sound like a good enough deal to you, then...


VRISKA: Stay out of my way.

HARRY: ...



VRISKA: Alright! I'm glad you can at least recognize when a grown-up is talking.

VRISKA: Harry. Go to your room.

HARRY: um... what?

HARRY: no??

HARRY: you're not my mom.

VRISKA: And no8ody is more gr8ful for that fact than me!

VRISKA: You need to arm yourself, stupid.

VRISKA: None of you even have a way to fight!

HARRY: oh.

VRISKA: Here. Take this.

HARRY: what is it?

VRISKA: It's your stupid face is what it is!!!!!!!!

VRISKA: Hahahaha, just kidding. It's a spare strife speci8us.

VRISKA: You wanna prove you'd make it on Alternia?

VRISKA: Take this and go gra8 a weapon.

VRISKA: Meet us 8ack here in a min8.

HARRY: a... what?


HARRY: alright alright, i'm going.