(Harry: Go gra8 a weapon.)

-- thespiansGlamor [TG] began pestering adamantGriftress [AG] --

TG: alright, i'm back in my room.

TG: there's just one small problem.

TG: i don't think i own any weapons?

TG: there's the prop swords in my closet...

TG: but they're all made of foam and plastic.

TG: argh, this is so hard.

AG: Hey Dum8ass, why are you messaging me from your 8edroom.

AG: We are Literally in the Same House.

AG: We were just in the Same 8RGUMENT.

TG: yes, i know, i know.

TG: um.

TG: sorry about that.

TG: the argument, i mean...

AG: It's Wh8tever.

TG: i didn't mean to get so mad at you and tavros.

TG: well maybe i did mean to get mad at tavros.

TG: but i still feel bad about it.

TG: everything's just been so stressful today.

AG: Harry, I said It's Wh8tever!!!!!!!!

TG: ok.

TG: but...

TG: i need your help here.

TG: i only have a minute, and i can't think of ANYTHING to assign to the strife specibus.

TG: can't you ask vriska if she has any ideas?

AG: No.

AG: I'm not going to 8other her with such a Pointless Question.

AG: And 8esides, I think she's 8usy right now.

AG: She's sort of huddled in a corner, muttering to herself.

TG: huh.

TG: maybe she's nervous?

TG: either that or...

AG: I don't think she's nervous.

AG: 8ut it reminds me how You get sometimes when you're Practicing your Lines over and over.

TG: huh.

TG: ok.

TG: weird.

AG: Time's Ticking, Harry.

TG: fuck.

TG: i'm still all out of ideas.

AG: Ugh, Come On. There's 8ound to 8e Something up there.

AG: Anything can 8e a weapon if you know how to use it.

TG: that's easy for you to say.

TG: on account of all the ACTUAL WEAPONS you have in your room.

AG: Look Harry.

AG: Just 8ecause I Happen to own a lot of Incredi8ly Deadly Armaments, doesn't mean I couldn't improvise if Necessary.

AG: It's part of what m8kes Me 8adass enough to 8e a mem8er of the Rebellion!

TG: blah blah blah.

AG: Anyway.

AG: You've got a 8unch of Sewing Stuff in your room, right?

TG: yeah.

TG: feel free to skip the part where you make fun of me for it.

AG: No, Dongface, I wasn't Going to!

TG: oh.

TG: then i don't understand.

AG: You need a weapon, remember?